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Law Firm Marketing

What is outsource law firm marketing? 

Outsource law firm marketing is a core Legal Leads service where our dedicated technology and marketing experts manage all or parts of your law firm's internet marketing and social media presence. 

Outsource law firm marketing with Legal Leads, means, your firm delegates professional responsibility for managing your internet, radio, television and brand marketing objectives to Legal Leads.

With Legal Leads, you have the option to include everything from building your law firm's internet marketing infrastructure from scratch, with websites and social media properties, to delegating AdWords, Medis Buys and more to Legal Leads management.

As a Legal Leads outsource law firm marketing client, your firm benefits from same best in class strategies, technologies and innovation used internally at Legal Leads to generate quality leads across our extensive network of legal marketing websites. 

We build and or manage lead generating properties for your practice. 

As an outsource client you retain complete ownership and control of everything and Legal Leads securely maintains your properties completely separate and independent of all Legal Leads services and clients.  

Our work and expertise, your property.

How can Legal Leads bring success to our laws firm marketing efforts? 

We are expert marketers dedicated to generating new clients for attorneys.

Familiar with all aspects of law firm operations and marketing, the experts at Legal Leads serve as connector between your practice and the highly competitive world of attorney marketing.

We manage your firm's internet properties, paid advertising and media accounts to generate new clients for your practice while developing your firms owned in house marketing infrastructure for future client lead generation for years to come.

We build brand recognition and visibility for your firm to achieve your marketing goals on a local or nationwide scale. 

What service level options do I have with Legal Leads law firm marketing?

We can handle everything, or a single aspect of your marketing objectives.

Website Management

Mobile , tablet and desktop marketing refers to the various device platforms most commonly used to access the internet and social media / video websites. 

For law firm marketing purposes, mobile devices are any device designed for one handed operation. 

Tablet devices are designed for two handed operation and desktops are actual computer systems designed for use with a keyboard and mouse. 

Our solutions are always accessible and cross compatible on all computing hardware platforms and designed for consistent visitor conversion on any device.

Bing Advertising

With Bing managed by Legal Leads, your law firm marketing advertising buys are customized to target specific demographics.

Our technology integrates with Bing advertising API's to achieve maximum click through and conversion at lowest price per conversion ratios. 

Google Adwords Management And Creation

Google AdWords is an online advertising service utilized by Legal Leads for law firm marketing, where advertisers pay to display advertising graphics and copy on Google internet search and display network websites. 

The AdWords' system is partially cookie based and mostly keyword driven by advertisers such as Legal Leads. 

With Google AdWords advertising managed by Legal Leads, your ad's are custom created and targeted to achieve the highest possible return on CPC, CPM and other forms of display advertising offered by Google and managed by Legal Leads.

Reputation Management

Law firm reputation management or ORM and public relations are monitoring and action directives designed by Legal Leads to absolutely control all online search and database information available relating to your firm, practice or individual staff and clients.

Social Media Marketing

Legal Leads provides expert social media marketing across all public and some private social media platforms. 

Facebook Marketing And Advertising

Facebook advertising is law firm social media marketing.

Facebook advertising managed by Legal Leads, consists of all marketing tools and strategies available via Facebook social advertising technology. 

While under management by Legal Leads, your Facebook marketing may include social content creation and media as well as custom integration API's and original facebook application development for audience and brand building.

Twitter Advertising Social Media Marketing

Twitter marketing, managed by Legal Leads gives your law firm access to Twitter users daily news feed. This popular social media platform provides advertising and branding opportunities best utilized under professional management by Legal Leads. 

Search Engine Marketing For Lawyers

Search engine marketing SEM is attorney Internet marketing through search engine results pages or SERPs and primarily consists of paid advertising such as CPC and CPM. 

Law Firm Search Engine Optimization

Search engine optimization or SEO is the process of promoting a firm's website within the natural search engine rankings for targeted keywords and phrases.

Google Analytics and Bing Analytics

Google and Bing Analytics are website tracking and analysis application provided by Google and Microsoft for monitoring and evaluating web traffic. Legal Leads utilizes these platforms in addition to our own inhouse applications for website click and conversion tracking and user interaction prediction.  

Instagram Marketing And Advertising

Legal leads Instagram marketing and advertising for law firms covers all aspects of Instagram marketing and branding.

Website And Blog Content Creation

Second to none, Legal Leads content creators develop targeted, accurate brand building content for your firm's website and social media properties.

Quotable creativity that resonates.

Graphics And Multimedia Development

Graphic design in legal marketing is the process of visual communication to assist in the client acquisition cycle. Legal Leads in house graphic designers are best in class and work in tandem with outsource graphic producers. 

Youtube Video Facebook Video Marketing

Law firm video marketing by Legal Leads is an effective promotion method that allows a more direct conversation with potential clients. Produced on the spot or working with existing videos, Legal Leads video advertising delivers new clients for your practice.

Pay Per Click And CPM Marketing Management By Legal Leads

Pay-per-click (PPC), also known as cost per click (CPC), is an internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, in which an advertiser pays a publisher (typically a website owner or a network of websites) when the ad is clicked. 

Pay-per-click is commonly associated with first-tier search engines (such as Google AdWords and Microsoft Bing Ads). With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market.


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