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Pay Per Lead Legal Lead Attorney Marketing For Law Firms

What are pay per lead legal leads?

Pay per lead legal leads are a modern cost effective way for law firms to achieve higher returns on ad and marketing spends on legal marketing budgets by paying flat rate prices in advance.

Our system works by providing your firm with an exact amount dollar spend then providing your business with new client inquiries from customers seeking legal representation in your practice area.

No Gimmicks no surprises, just quality actionable Legal Leads in your inbox or voicemail.

Our consistent delivery of actionable new client inquiries to fill your case pipeline removes the guesswork from legal marketing and gives you peace of mind. 

Never pay for leads your business does not need.
Based on your lead delivery preferences, potential client inquiries are sorted and filtered to guarantee our system will never charge unwanted leads to your account.    

Why should I buy leads from
Years ago, law firms and solo lawyers would employ dedicated in office marketing personnel to manage the firm’s legal marketing objectives, or do it themselves  between hearing dates and case work. 

Although these early half committed approaches to internet marketing were somewhat beneficial, this loosely attentive method of business growth proved ineffective and unproductive when competing firms entered the internet age with full flown marketing budgets dedicated to total local market domination.

The small and medium law firm, simply could not compete.

Those early adopter law firms, of internet marketing, are today, some of the most visible and profitable firm's in America.

But the world has changed....

The easy days, are long past and in today's legal industry, nearly every attorney has a website or markets their legal services online.

The early adopters of today, buy Legal Leads to fill their case pipelines for tomorrow.
Client acquisition and law firm marketing today, is possibly the most competitive and challenging aspect of operating a law practice. 

To gain and maintain new client market share, attorneys must continually build brand visibility, produce positive results for clients and yet still, market their law firm.

Undoubtedly, the need to secure new clients combined with professional obligation to existing clients can be time consuming and overwhelming for any size firm.

Pay per lead, Legal Leads means marketing has been handled. compliments your practice with consistent, steady, actionable legal leads from potential clients ready to signup for legal representation in your geographic location and practice area today!

Our innovative technology, experience and marketing  savvy gives Legal Leads unparalleled marketing resources and reach which provides your firm with quality clients and truly measurable positive returns on your legal marketing dollars. 

Some Frequently Asked Questions

Does Pay Per Lead, Legal Leads, violate bar rules in my state?

Legal Leads does not collect or share in any attorney fees or award percentages. 

Our services are billed at flat rates with no correlation to judgements or case value. We are advanced programmers and marketers, not attorneys.

What practice areas are available?

Legal Leads generates quality client leads in all practice areas. If your area of expertise is not listed on our site, please contact us. If clients exist for your practice area, we will find them in any demographic or geographic location within the United States. 

Dominate your market with local Legal Leads 
Our region exclusive regional lead packages deliver client inquiries filtered by zip, city or state, signup the cases you want and refer out the rest to add additional revenue streams to your practice. 

Nationwide Legal Leads

With Legal Leads securing breaking case and first in class nationwide client leads for your firm is as simple as "Buy Legal Leads Now"

You have the power to filter a steady consistent stream of exclusive client leads with the possibility of over 130 filter settings.Through specific case type and keyword lead filtering across our extensive network of intake portals and affiliate partnerships, Legal Leads powers your firm with the ability to select specific case type leads from our inquiries pipeline. Pinpoint any case type or keyword and Legal Leads will aggressively target those case types and keywords to deliver quality clients on a consistent basis. From class action lawsuits to corporate shareholder litigation, legal leads has you covered. You will never be charged for leads in any practice area you do not select.

How does pay per lead with Legal Leads work?

Our simple by design process takes less than 5 minutes to order. 

After system payment notification, a Legal Leads account manager, manages your account and begins the lead generation and delivery process.
Step by step instructions: 
Access the buy Legal Leads now PayPal Business checkout page by clicking " Buy Legal Leads" on the main menu or clicking HERE. 

1. Complete the order form by entering information for each of the listed fields such as practice area, name etc. 

2. Select any basic filtering options for your leads near the bottom of the order form. Note that these are general filters and that any advanced or custom filtering previously discussed with your account manager will automatically applied to your order. 

3. Start receiving exclusive client inquiries. Cost per valid lead will be deducted from your account. 

Legal Leads are parsed and filtered to ensure your firm receives the exact client inquiries requested. We stand behind our lead quality. Leads not meeting your filter criteria will never count against your Legal Leads account.