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Legal Leads Law Firm Website Design & Hosting

The year is 2018: cars, planes and trains pilot and steer themselves, human dreams of someday colonizing Mars are closer to reality than science fiction and we can entangle pairs to test the mechanics of quantum theory and replace our hearts with artificial pumping devices….

As a species, we've advanced tremendously.

Yet, in understanding the science of conscious and our brains, we remain primitive in our comprehension and without ability to master or control subconscious phenomenons such as judgement and instinct. 

Humans are, visual beings and appearance for us, serves as a foundation from which many other evaluations and placements of values are built upon.

For all our awareness and data disproving correlation to appearance and ability, or other measurable value, the grey matter of present day mankind evaluate eyes first, chemical reaction ( emotion) second and finally brains last.

You are an attorney.......

In the courtroom, meeting a client, negotiating with opposing counsel ..

The initial impression of all we observe begins with subconscious evaluation of appearance. You conclude from evaluation as you yourself are being evaluated in each of these interactions.

You are evaluating the Legal Leads website as you read this very sentence.

As an attorney, your website is the primary public representation of your law firm and a trusted ( though unwarranted ) visual indicator of professional ability and value from which first, second and third or more impressions of who you are, your professionalism and legal ability are evaluated.

More than a marketing tool, your law firm website is an instrument of communication, a tool of expression, an outlet for information. The apex pedestal of your voice, eyes and ears.

Your website is no less than who you are.

At Legal Leads, we entangle scientific methodologies with creative brilliance to produce law firm marketing and attorney website design unparalleled in creativity, purpose, function, conversion and brand.

Our development team will expertly utilize every programming language from Objective C to PHP and responsive LESS to deliver modern solid, secure and effective internet website presence, that the importance of your primary image calls for, your business brand demands and your future depends on. 

Your law firm website by Legal Leads is purpose built to serve as the center of your presence on the internet and the focal point of your firm's online marketing goals. Creatively imagined to convert visitors into lifelong clients.

Law firm websites by Legal Leads are built for the future.