Pay Per Lead Legal Leads

Pay Per Lead Legal Leads For Law Firms & Attorneys

What is Pay Per Lead Law Firm Marketing?

Pay per lead, legal marketing is a modern cost effective way for law firms to achieve higher returns on their marketing dollars and peace of mind through a stable, consistent and reliable case pipeline.

By providing your firm with a steady stream of potential clients, Legal Leads provides the highest possible return on every marketing dollar spent. 

Years ago, law firms and solo practitioners would employ dedicated in office marketing personnel and manage the firm’s legal marketing objectives between hearing dates and case work. 

Although initially profitable, this loosely attentive approach to internet marketing proved to be ineffective and unproductive as competing law firms came online and fought as vigorously for online market share, as they argued for position in hearings.  

Those firms of yesteryear …. are today, some of the largest legal and litigation professional service providers doing business in America. 

Those easy days are long gone. 

Saturated with highly qualified and ambitious J.D’s from coast to coast, a new class of fresh recruits are made newly minted lawyers each year and join the legal industry with dreams of hanging their own shingle as did last year's graduating class, along with every class before them that aspires to compete with you for clients. 

They seek nothing less than your lunch.

Law firm marketing today, is one of the most competitive and challenging internet segments to break or compete in. 

Pay Per Lead from Legal Leads, puts your firm or solo practice ahead of the competition with consistent, steady, actionable legal leads from potential clients ready to signup for legal representation in your practice area today!. 

Our innovative technology, experience and internet / social media dominance allows Legal Leads internet marketers and programmers unparalleled reach and legal marketing ability that provides your firm with truly measurable transparent returns on your legal marketing dollars. 

We deliver potential client inquiries, directly from people seeking legal help … at the time they are looking for an attorney. 

Let's start growing your firm today! 

Does Pay Per Lead, Legal Leads, violate bar rules in my state?

The short answer is no. in most states bar leadership and other governing bodies such as state supreme courts have realized that in order for attorney members of their jurisdictions to remain competitive in today's high tech digital world, they require the use of any and all tools available to them. 

Having real access to these tools means hiring non lawyer technologist and marketing professionals  like Legal Leads to handle marketing specific business operations. 

Legal Leads does not collect or share in any attorney fees or award percentages. 

Our services are billed at flat rates with no correlation to judgements or case value. We are advanced programmers and marketers, not attorneys.

How does pay per lead with Legal Leads work?

Incredibly effective and productive, but amazingly simple to get started in 3 steps 

1. Signup and select your preferences for practice areas and or regions. 

2. Fund your account with as much or as little as you wish at or above $500.00 minimum. 

3. Start receiving exclusive client inquiries. Cost per valid lead will be deducted from your account. 

Never worry about marketing and client acquisition again 

Legal Leads are parsed and filtered to ensure your firm receives the exact client inquiries requested.  

We stand behind our lead quality with full transparency and refunds or account credit in the event an invalid lead is ever sent to your account. 

What practice areas are available?

Any and all practice areas, areas of practice, practices that have an area and any area yet to establish or identify as a practice :) 

If you need quality client leads, Legal Leads delivers them. 

Same day client leads in all practice areas. From personal injury to criminal, real estate, corporate or probate and all areas inbetween with custom keyword and specific targeting to micro focus on any demographic or geographic location within the United States. 

Region Based Legal Leads:

Dominate your market with local Legal Leads targeting any geo region location from neighborhoods to entire states. 

Regional lead packages deliver live client inquiries with case and contact information directly to your firm with exclusive receipt of every inquiry received in your target region across the entire Legal Leads pay per lead website and advertising network for the regions you request. 

Filtered by: zip, city or state, signup the cases you wish and collect referral fees on the rest to effortlessly add additional revenue streams to your practice. 

Nationwide Legal Leads

The only difference between your business and larger power firms who seem to secure the most clients in every large MDL Is marketing. 

At some point, every law firm you admire has made a critical marketing decision that proved effective in helping to secure new clients. 

Sometimes, it's all about who gets there first. 

With Legal Leads securing breaking , first in class client leads for your business to lead the way, your nationwide practice will compete on level with and dominate over any competitor in any market you chose. 

It makes no difference who they are or how large the firm, hiring Legal Leads is equal to hiring all of sparta to battle on your behalf, and we are ready. 

What practice areas are available?

You have the power to filter a steady consistent stream of exclusive client leads with the possibility of over 130 filter settings.

Through specific case type and keyword lead filtering across our extensive network of intake portals and affiliate partnerships, Legal Leads powers your firm with the ability to select specific case type leads from our inquiries pipeline. 

Pinpoint any case type or keyword and Legal Leads will aggressively target those case types and keywords to deliver quality clients on a consistent basis. 

From class action lawsuits to corporate shareholder litigation, legal leads has you covered. 

You will never be charged for leads in any practice area you do not select.

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